Types of Projects

Integrated Projects

An Integrated Project can take advantage of everything Agara Bio has to offer. Being fully integrated into the Agara structure, Integrated Projects have greater access to Agara resources and are more involved in our community. If you’re looking to be a part of our community, this is the path for you!

Some projects require several years to undertake, involving a large number of students for long periods of time. With the aim of engaging the community in a long-term goal, Community Projects are Agara’s flagship projects. If you are looking to start a project that can excite an entire community, don’t hesitate to get started here!

An Independent Project is for those who have the knowledge and capacity to run their project on their own, but need a small amount of support from Agara Bio. This support can come in the form of funding, materials, recruitment, lab space and more. These projects operate largely separately from Agara Bio, though they will still be asked to follow our guidelines.

Community Projects

Independent Projects