Requesting Funding from Agara


First things first...

If you are a proposing a new project and have not yet submitted a Project Proposal Form, first visit Start Here!

If you are a new project, we'll let you know when to fill in the Grant Proposal Form. If you are an ongoing project, fill this in whenever you require additional funds.


Grant Proposal Form

If you are a new project and have begun the approval process, or if you are an ongoing project, view our Grant Proposal Form here!

We'll walk you through filling out the form below.


Grant Size

Agara Bio offers three sizes of grants. Let us know how much money you are looking for!

It may be easier to come back to this after filling in other parts of the form first.


Name and Description

Fill in a name for your project, and give a brief (2-4 sentences) description of your project.


This will help us identify which project you are with, and will help guide us through the rest of your proposal.


Approximate Project Timeline

Give a rough estimate of how your project will progress. Download and complete a copy of our Project Timeline Template, then upload it to the form.

View the Project Timeline Template here.


Budget Sheet of Project

Let us know what you intend to buy with the money we will give you! Download and complete our Budget Sheet Template, then upload it to the form.

View the Budget Sheet Template here.


View our Informal Notes on Ordering Sites here.


Description of Materials/Funds Use

To help us navigate your Budget Sheet, please describe how each item on the sheet will be used in your project and how it will help you with your project goals.


Check over the form and submit!

Check to make sure everything in your proposal is how you want it. Let us know how we should contact you, and then submit your form and wait! We will contact you shortly to discuss your proposal!