Run, Maintain, and Update Your Project

The Check-in Process

Weekly check-ins let us stay updated with your project’s progress, track important changes, and look after any issues you may need assistance with. This form concerns all types of Agara Bio-supported projects (integrated, independent, and community projects) of all sizes.

Please have ONE project representative fill out this brief, weekly form. 


General Format

In the weekly form, you will be asked to provide basic information and updates. This includes recent progress, next steps, necessity of additional funds/resources, and any pressing questions/issues you have for us. 


Other Questions/Concerns

If you have any other pressing concerns, feel free to reach out to the following project committee members:


              Tony Yao:

Project Renewal

Why You Should Apply for Renewal

Submitting a renewal application is key to determining whether your project can continue under Agara Bio for the upcoming cycle. It will also help you reserve the funds (you may apply for additional funding), lab space, materials, equipment, personnel, and other resources you may require. 


Who Can Apply?

Projects that have been approved by Agara Bio in the past may apply for Renewal. If you are proposing a new initiative/project, please refer to the Approval section ("Start Here"). 


Renewal Process

Each project group submits one required form, based on the category of the project:

          Community/Integrated Projects: Extended Project Renewal form

          Small, Independent Projects: Independent Project Renewal form


An application for project renewal typically occurs every semester, but read our official announcements or contact us for specifics. 

If this form is NOT completed by the deadline we specify in our communications, you may miss out on key resources (we only have limited funds/resources). We would assume you are not continuing the project in the coming cycle, and if you do change your mind later, we might not be able to accommodate you.