• Sofia Angel

Agara Bi-dough: Our Favorite Recipes

Written by: Sofia Angel, Justin Greene

Many of us at Agara Bio have been yearning to get back to our lives in the lab, our insatiable thirst for knowledge and discovery left unquenched. To cope, we've decided to hop on the bread train and indulge in the wonderful world of yeasts and gluten - delicious and scientific. To join us, send pictures of your progress via Instagram ( or Facebook (, and continue to tune into our blog for more bread science info!

Below is a curated list of our favorite recipes to get you started (that is a bread pun, btw).

White Bread Recipe

This simple white bread recipe will take you back to the peanut butter and jelly days… and help you never leave those days ever again. Make this white bread recipe for a simple and soft loaf, perfect for making sandwiches, toast, or a make-shift pillow!

Artisan Bread Recipe

Ah yes the art of artisan bread. This bread has a hard crackling crust with a soft inside. Make it into a bowl or slice for sandwiches. This may be the easiest bread I’ve ever made and it is absolutely amazing.

Focaccia Recipe

This flatbread-ish dough still uses yeast and is wonderfully fluffy. The recipe is crafted by Anne Burrell, who is an absolute queen and a fantastic cook and baker. This may make you never want garlic bread again and always crave focaccia!

Sourdough Recipe

SOURDOUGH! Everyone is buzzing and now that you have the time to make the starter why not join in? This tangy bread is a staple and a fun escapade into food science perfection!

Cinnamon Roll Recipes

Who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls? Warm, gooey, sweet… everything a person could ask for. This is my favorite cinnamon roll recipe! Give it a try and see how it surpasses the taste of the cinnamon rolls popped out of a can.

French Bread

The classic french bread. Spice up this recipe by adding dried fruit or spices and get ready to find incredible flavor combinations!

White Bread Recipe #2

Alex has quickly become one of my favorite YouTubers, combining his knack for engineering with the art of cooking! This is another classic white bread recipe, brought to you by the vocals of a not-so-classical, French chef.


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