Frequently Asked Q's

What is a "Hackathon-style" event?

A traditional hackathon is a multi-day event where large numbers of people come together to tackle key problems through innovative coding and design. Participants often develop prototypes of software or strategies that can solve the stated problem. Examples of hackathons include MedHacks or HopHacks.

The Agara Bio Ideathon is a "Hackathon-style" event. It draws inspiration from the hackathon formula but differs in that it focuses on biology-based issues and shortens the typically lengthy hackathon to just an afternoon and evening.


In addition, the Agara Bio Ideathon is more "laid-back" than a traditional hackathon. Unlike traditional hackathons, our Ideathon is not a competitive event. Participants will design projects to tackle biology issues and, at the event's conclusion, present their projects to the other participants in a non-competitive "science slam." 

What will the event entail?

The event will begin at 2 PM EST with an opening ceremony. Then, participants will be split into teams by the event organizers based on their responses to our RSVP form. From there, organizers will help initiate the ideation process. Then, teams will be let loose to work on their own for the next 4 hours, designing their project and creating a presentation. After this, teams will present their ideas at their scheduled times. Free merchandise will be sent to participants after the conclusion of the event!

What platform(s) will the event be held on?

The event will be held on Zoom and Slack. Access to both platforms is free!

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