Saturday, October 17th


Special thanks to all who participated! Though this was our first Ideathon, our participants came up with extremely thoughtful and enticing project ideas. Check out their ideas below!


Overactive Root Growth for Carbon Sequestration

Sreenivas Eadara, Nubaira Milki, David Lu, Tabor Roderiques

The threat of climate change requires innovative solutions. This project would utilize a gene gun to genetically modify plants to increase root growth and sequester more carbon.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Brain Organ-on-chip

Aryan Dugar, Elaine Yang, Ivonne Lomelí

Some questions in neuroscience cannot yet be answered both decisively and ethically. This project would seek to utilize microfluidics to grow 3D brain organoids that could be used for extensive and ethical experimentation.

Neon Lights

Antimicrobial Blue Light

Rishi Wahi, Sheel Tanna, Tiara Safaei, Yeongseo Lim

Drug-resistant bacteria is a growing crisis in healthcare. This project would attempt to spread a plasmid across a bacterial population that confers susceptibility to antimicrobial blue light.

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Event Info


Team-based Project Planning

Grab a friend or come solo! 


Team up with other Hopkins students to tackle research questions of interest in a variety of biology-related fields. 


Unlike other hackathons, coding will not be a central component of the event. Instead, participants will focus on formulating and planning a project centered around solving a key research question, or a research question of your own choice!

A Hackathon-style Digital Event


This hackathon-style event will be shorter than most conventional hackathons, in a more casual and guided atmosphere to accommodate its digital nature. Perfect for first-timers and veterans alike!

Come socialize and innovate in this day-long event!


Project Funding,

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Participants will also have the opportunity to continue their project idea with funding, materials, and support from the Agara Bio Community Lab!