Saturday, October 17th


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Team-based Project Planning

Grab a friend or come solo! 


Team up with other Hopkins students to tackle research questions of interest in a variety of biology-related fields. 


Unlike other hackathons, coding will not be a central component of the event. Instead, participants will focus on formulating and planning a project centered around solving a key research question, or a research question of your own choice!

A Hackathon-style Digital Event

This hackathon-style event will be shorter than most conventional hackathons, in a more casual and guided atmosphere to accommodate its digital nature. Perfect for first-timers and veterans alike!

Come socialize and innovate in this day-long event!


Project Funding,

and More

Learn new things, meet new people, and get free merch!

Participants will also have the opportunity to continue their project idea with funding, materials, and support from the Agara Bio Community Lab!

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