General Code of Conduct for Projects

Running or contributing to Agara-affiliated projects requires that we (as a unified community) responsibly address the challenges -- whether scientific, material, logistical, legal and ethical, or entirely unforseen. While we cannot regulate or codify every scenario you may encounter, Project Management does expect that Agara Bio members act with reason and in accordance to the general ground rules, as herein delineated:


  1. Project-related activities must be deemed by Project Management to be legal (in accordance to Agara Bio, university, local, federal, and any other jurisdictable rules/laws) and ethical (within reasonable and common-sense morals, including honesty, integrity, respect, and responsibility). 

  2. Project members must interact with Agara Bio and its community with the same legality and ethics. 

Lab Safety/Proper Use of Equipment

  1. Projects must adhere to the biosafety level (BSL) guidelines of all labs they are working in.

  2. Project members must follow lab, equipment, and material guidelines and act responsibly around lab equipment and materials.

Use of Agara Funds, Materials, Equipment, and Resources

  1. Projects must utilize funds and resources for their approved AND designated purposes.

    1. Misuse of funds and resources will result in severe penalties and, likely, termination of the project.

    2. Project members should make Project Management aware of any changes to how funds or resources will be utilized. 

  2. Resources purchased using Agara funds and grants are owned by Agara — after your project is over, Agara reserves the right to use your materials for other projects or endeavors. Exceptions will be considered upon request by project members.

Productivity Guidelines

  1. Project members should show dedication to the project.

  2. Project members should be present at scheduled meetings or booked lab times, when applicable.

  3. Projects should submit weekly check-ins on-time.

Agara Bio may rightfully suspend or terminate projects or project members in the event of suspected misconduct, based on internal judgement.