How to Fill Out the Check-in Form

Name of Project

Briefly state for us. OR, if you decided to change your project name, please provide us with both the old and new name so we can update the necessary information. 

Brief Description of Project

Between 1-5 sentences should do. What is your most general, overarching objective (what is your project about)? If your project objective has seen very significant changes since the last check-in, be sure to emphasize that in your description. 

Current Progress and Future Direction

In as much length as you see fit, delve into:

  • What progress have you made in the past two weeks/since the last check-in?

  • What are your next steps? Include short and long-term goals, as well as any new adjustments you have recently made. 

  • Are you facing any setbacks/problems as of now? How might you address them?


Project End Date

Give a general, flexible, reasonable estimate. For instance, you could say: 1 week from now; 2-5 months; 1 semester; or 1-2 semesters or longer. 

Questions, Issues, or Concerns

Is there anything you would like to report? Anything you would like our help with? Feel free to repeat info from previous sections, especially if you’d prefer our urgent attention on the matter.