A student-led community bio lab at JHU

About Us

Agara Bio is a student group at the Johns Hopkins University focused on changing the way students and faculty participate in biology. We believe that anybody, of any major or experience-level, has the ability to engage in meaningful biological research and innovation.

By organizing workshops, seminars, and community projects, we provide students with the experience they need to innovate and explore. By fostering a collaborative community, we provide students with the support network they need to do so fearlessly.

Available Equipment

  • PCR Thermal Cycler

  • Wet and Dry Baths

  • Incubator (26C and 37C)

  • Shaking Incubator

  • -20C Freezer

  • -80C Freezer

  • 4C Fridge

  • Fume Hoods

  • Centrifuge

  • Electronic Scales

  • Pipettes and Pipette Tips

  • Glassware

  • Gel Boxes

  • Gel Imager

  • Nanodrop One

  • Microwave

Get Involved

The best ways to get involved with us are to:

  • Attend one of our events

  • Participate in any of our community projects

  • Come to our general body meetings! 

Interested in a little more? We'll help you:

  • Plan your own research, innovation, or design project

  • Plan and run your own workshop or seminar

If you have any questions join our slack or contact us!